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Hi, here is my cubicle (or a 2 by 3 meter separated part of the office space garanteed with no windows) at Actuate Inc., a software company in South San Francisco. This means every day a commute of 50 miles (or 80km) one way. But I'm not alone. Every day I share this 1.5 hour journey with thousands of other commuters ... bumper to bumper.

You certainly want to know, what I'm doing here all day long ... well, I work in the International Operations (or IOPS as we call it) department and run the world-wide Actuate Extranet. Also I am the liaison between the Headquarter here in USA and our offices in Germany.

In contrast to Kremi Roland has only a 10 min drive to work. Actually he could also ride a bycicle, but that would be way too healthy.

His own office (!) with a huge window front from wall to wall is located in the middle of the Santa Teresa country park. When he is not watching the birds or deer, he leads projects at the International Technical Support Center of IBM, writes books (the so called redbooks) or travels around the world which he calls workshop tours.

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