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Our Guests and New Friends

This page is dedicated to our guests and new friends, with whom we spent beautiful hours. Unfortunately we do not have everybody documented with pictures
Nevertheless thanks a lot to all of you !

Our first guest in our now fully furnished home was Hiroko from Japan. She used to be Kremena's host mother, when Kremena studied in Japan. Since then we stay in contact and meet occasionally.

Hiroko stayed with us for an extended weekend. Together we went on trips to the Stanford University, to Monterey, and Carmel.

In the evening Hiroko taught us how to prepare Japanese food. And since then we are not only lovers of the Japanese cuisine, but can also cook things like Sushi, Miso, Gyoza, Tempura on our own.

At the turn of the century we had Kremena's dad visit us. Together we explored the entire Bay Area and around Christmas we traveled together to Los Angelas and San Diego for vacation.

We visited the Universal Studios in Los Angelas and shook hands with the astronauts of "Apollo 13" (see left photo).

Two special moments were the visits of the aircraft carrier "USS Hornet" in Alameda - where we had an almost private tour (see right photo) - and the NASA AMES research laboratories in Sunnyvale.

dad left us at the end of February heading back home packed full with a lot of memories and a thick photo album ... and luckily made it through the Bulgarian winter.

Our only overnight guests from Germany were Silke und Steffen, who recovered at our place from a trip through California and adjacent states, before they flew back to Germany. Beside last minute shopping we also visited American style new homes in a building development for the upper class. The model homes are completely furnished and give a great impression of the present taste of the Americans. The only problem: start price is 2 million US$.

And "Last but not least" (in no particular order) we also want say thank you to ...

  • Julia, Mathis and Philipp - for priceless support and a great co-operation in the ITSO
  • Ursula and Adi - for nice parties and lots of travel tips
  • Melanie, Doris and Roland - for beautiful barbeques, trips, as well as cultivation of German culture
  • Margret, Thomas and Kim - our settler colleagues (not only on Catan !)
  • Mari and Johan - who pursued us from Germany, also thanks for supporting this English translation of our homepage
  • Claudia and Jürgen - unfortunately we could not make it for whale watching
  • Thomas and Ingeborg - who prefer California over Vienna ... why ?
  • Merelin and Pat - from the Sushi fan club
  • Charlotte und Fergy - "down under" in California
  • Alison und Nigel - there are English pubs in America too !
  • Bo, Evelin, Patrick, Nat, Glen, ... - ECM did cost us some weekends, but gave cause for great parties too

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