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Hello Dear Friends and Relatives ...
and of course also coincidental visitors of this homepage

You guy's remember ?! -- In the year 1999 we packed up our things, in order to conquer the "Wild West" of America. Since then we have been living in San Jose, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley, the center of the dot-com industry (or the fast monney with the Internet) and the total traffic jam.

Here we are, Kremena Leins and Roland Leins, on the legendary Highway Number 1 with the breath-taking view over the Pacific ocean coast line at Big Sur.

On the following pages of our Web Site we want to invite you to accompany us on our trips and journeys through America. Furthermore, we want to show each of you, who visited us here in California, where we work and what else we do in our spare time.

Click for the guest book We would really appreciate if you could sign our guest book. Please let us know how you like this homepage and please provide us with some ideas to improve it.

Additionally you can send us an email. Kremena can be reached via KremenaLeins@aol.com. Roland's email address is RolandLeins@aol.com.

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