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Recipes from Kremi's Collection

On this page we want to pass on some of our favourite recipes for you to try out. All of the recipes are to use on your own risk ;-), but we hope that everything will work out fine and we wish you Bon Appetit.

German Cheese Cake

Crust: 150g wheat flour, 3g (1 tea spoon) baking powder, 65g sugar, 2 egg-yolks, 2 table spoon milk, 50g butter or margarine
Filling: 2 packages pudding powder vanilla, 200g sugar, 1/2l cold milk, 1 package lemon extract, 750g quark (well pressed out) or 500g baker cheese + 250g quark, 30g raisins, white of 3 eggs
Topping/Glaze: 1 egg-yolk, 1 table spoon milk to whisk

To make the crust sift the flour and the baking powder on a baking board (or your kitchen desk). Add the sugar, egg-yolk, milk and the cold butter or margarine. Knead the ingredients until you get a smooth dough. Unroll the dough into a 5mm thick circle (for instance 32cm in diameter) and then put the dough into a spring form (with a diameter of 26cm) so that the edge becomes 3cm high. Perforate the bottom with a fork. oven: preheat 10 minutes, bake at 200° celsius, baking time: about 15 minutes

To make the filling mix the pudding powder with about 2/3 of the sugar into 1/4l milk. Heat up the remaining milk until it starts boiling. Add the mixed pudding powder into the milk, which you have taken from the stove. Put the pot back on the stove and let it boil up several times. Take the pot again of the stove and give the lemon extract, the quark (or the baker's cheese and quark) under the pudding. Stir vigourously while cooking. Afterwords put the raisins into the topping. Then whisk the egg-whites with the remainder of the sugar until you get rigid "snow" and then lift it under the topping. Then give the topping on the pre-baked cake bottom and smooth it out. Whisk the egg-yolk and the milk for the spread and put it over the topping. Put the cake back into the oven. oven: bake at 130-150° celsius, baking time: 45-60 minutes

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