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Roland's Stamps

Since my childhood collecting stamps is one of my hobbies. Over the years I've gathered quite a good collection. The center of my collection are classical and contemporary stamp issues from Bulgaria, the country were my wife Kremena was born.

Roland's Briefmarken In particular my collection covers:

  • Bulgaria with all areas and specialities (used, MNH and unused from 1879 to 1944)
  • Bulgaria (MNH starting from 1945)
  • GDR or East Germany (MNH)
  • Bund (used und starting from 1990 also MNH)
  • Japan (used)

I am member of the stamp association "ARGE Bulgaria". I developed their homepage and administrate it as the webmaster. The "ARGE Bulgaria" is a non-profit interest group of stamp collectors of the areas Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (South Bulgaria). It is a chapter of the German Philatelic Society, but has also members from 8 different countries.

I constantly look for new material, for philatelic information about Bulgarian stamps or for trading partners. If you are interested to trade, please send me a short email to RolandLeins@AOL.com. For Bulgaria, Bund and East Germany I have want lists. With Japan I'm still in a very early stage and would like to trade in packages.

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